Certified Master Baker, Certified Pastry Chef, Certified Bread Baker, Certified Vienosserie Baker, Certified Hospitality Educator. It was reported on many appliance forums. Dropping will cause leaks and damage. The Bluestar range fits a full-size commercial sheet. About - Blue Star RNB304BSSThe Blue Star RNB304BSS is part of the kitchen range test program at Consumer Reports. A lot of the parts are generic commercial (e.g. But right away there were problems. Thermostat for Blue Star range. The first that clock would not work. I find that the food tastes different and I don’t like it. You've resurrected a thread that is 3 weeks old for the sole purpose of lashing out at Guadalupe. A traditional full size oven (either as wall oven or in a range) is quite useful, but so is a fancy CSO. With the two exceptions that I mentioned (overall size, power of the broiler), I'd say yes. The first unit they installed had a gas leak. 2. I am very interested in what people have to say, as we are moving and I am considering the next install myself. Can you ask your dealer to intervene on your behalf? There is a more than 100* differential between the top rack of the oven and the middle. It tells you right in the instruction manual not to switch on the convection fan until the oven is up to temp. Have had no issues yet, must works. They sent me a new door liner (1 month wait) and it had similar damage as the first door. 800 354 9776 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm. Instead of seconds it was running 100's of a second. The Bluestar is, on the other hand, a commercial range that has been "gentrified" enough to be legal for use in a residential setting and have added features and polish that make it more suitable and attractive for home use. My memory is failing me as it's been so long - could you give a real quick synopsis (or link to a past post) of the service issue(s) with which you had to deal directly with PP? We mostly cook for two, so we don't need a big oven. All of the above takes about 15min and is part of the checklist that the installer should go through. 1. Parts Town has the largest in-stock inventory of genuine OEM BlueStar parts with fast same day shipping until 9pm ET. Travel has no influence on leaks, poor production does. The fan (in the oven) goes on and off periodically. I am trying now to return it for exchange for a Viking. BLUESTAR LINE OF RANGES & COOKTOPS FOR THE HOME MODELS: RPB24, RCS30, RPB30, RNB30, RGTNB30, RCS36, RPB36, RNB36, ... Oven Door Gaskets – Page 12 12. I suspect it was the incident that sparked the recall of almost 10,000 ranges in Canada and the US. Good to see wood cabinets in the day and age of painted cabinets. Nobody eats that many brownies. Among the problems that have been voiced by BlueStar owners are the following issues: Rivets: Owners complaining about rusted rivets that are used to hold the floor pan together. They have not disputed any of it. Very different animals though. A "Pro" is that it looks impressive. There is no room for more than one oven in my small kitchen. It has a loud annoying metal on metal sound if you turn on the convection before it heats up. Nor did they offer any explanation as to why gas lines and burners were broken, oven chipped beyond repair, bull-nose scratched deeply, 22K burner was missing and had 15K burner instead. [Sorry for going off-topic; I'm just really interested in hearing both the good and the bad.]. This is probably more likely to be true, if you call a technician who regularly works on commercial equipment. YMMV. According to Aaron Vogel, the dealer from Drimmers, the range was picked up directly from Bluestar in PA and delivered to us in sealed condition. I just ran a thermal test on my 2016 Bluestar 30" RCS v2 propane range (model RCS304BV2). We've had our 36 Blue Star range now for 3 years and it's been awesome. $254.22 (USD) Quickview. (ya think, there is no back story, the poster just signed up). I'm no fan of CR, and I appreciated the reader's report posted in response. That's generally a problem, unless you have the space (and money) to move the blower to a remote location and to install a muffler. Still waiting for reply. I would think that yoghurt would be a very similar problem space. Mine were not all service related. And if your complaint is about an excessive temperature gradient, you could very well discover that the oven is operating as intended and the gradient is not considered a defect covered under warranty. Scared the heck out of DH and I. I was told that a new control panel would fix my issue. In February 2020, the oven stopped heating. Couldn't be more pleased. See also, Dual Fuel and GR Gas Range Knob Compatibility. Viking VSOF730SS - $5,249. It would be nice to have an answer so that we could help other forum members if this ever happen again. Get performance ratings and pricing on the BlueStar RCS36SBSS range. That's really strange. We received it in January 2018 and had our local gas safety authority out to investigate. We live in the sticks 4. We purchased the unit when they offered a 'white glove' delivery and installation process that not only checked the entire assembly but also checked the calibration of the oven … On top of it they lied to the dealer that it never happened. Another bluestar-themed pissing match! It has a simple, "old school", commercial, bolt together design that anyone with a semblance of mechanical ability can adjust or replace parts if necessary, without specialized knowledge. Burners didn't light or extinguish correctly. ft. oven… It can substitute for several other appliances: oven, sous vide heater, simmer burner, warming drawer, rice cooker, and possibly microwave. Find Bluestar part manuals and search for Bluestar parts. No, I would not buy again! Bluestar definitely has a door "problem" 2. BlueStar did not dispute this information. I used to get frequent e-mails from Bluestar owners whose doors wouldn't open. He could not believe it was a new range. food doesn't tend to get as soggy as in a microwave, and meat doesn't overcook when reheating). They are one step up from standing pilots in user comfort. Kuniewski - what was the outcome? There is a reason I bough from someone local and got a service contract from them. Bluestar is refusing to fix the oven under warranty. I am really in a quandary. Wow, Divadeva. But I'm not financially able to say I am willing to just waste that amount of money. Venturi tubes need to be seated properly. I am particularly puzzled by why the oven would only turn on, if another burner was going. We also smelled gas whenever it was on. In the end, that doesn't really make any difference to you, though, as you probably only have a limited choice in servicers where you live. Since it is already a rough black texture, it takes a lot to mar its appearance so just a quick wipe of a wet paper towel make it look nearly new. Condensation inside gas or electric ovens can be very frustrating. Send E-mail sales@bluestarinc.com. After that Cameron has been silent; does not return our phone calls or emails. So this stuff is not specific to Bluestar. And BlueStar even told the dealer that they knew nothing about the new replacement range, which was a lie. Our SZ 42" French door fridge is perfect, and we got a Cuisinart counter-top steam oven (to test out before getting an installed SO), and it's been suiting our purposes and we get to keep 2 more drawers that we had planned to give up for an installed steam oven...) Btw & fwiw, I called customer service for all of them, and Dacor went above & beyond (even sent a guy in the factory to measure something and call me back with the dims), BS was friendly, Wolf fine, and Therm was terrible. I frequently get e-mails from people who are considering purchasing a Bluestar. Home; Select Page. Then we were told by BlueStar that Cameron was never authorized to even promise a replacement range to us and told us to go through dealer. Travel can and does cause damage to cosmetic parts. My Bluestar oven works very reliably and predictably. I'll see if I get a chance to call later, but don't know yet. Chris..... it seems on the face of it you took a risk by purchasing a range that was from a liquidation stock sale and from a non authorized dealer that has no warranty........ if you were not aware that it was from bad stock or the retailer was not authorized then you were mislead by the retailer, i don't think Bluestar are at fault here. Can people reconcile these differing opinions please?Thanks,Tom. However, I am looking forward to cooking with fire :-). W10258275 Dishwasher Bimetal Thermal Fuse by Blue Stars - Exact Fit for Whirlpool & Kenmore dishwasher - Simple Instruction Included - Replaces 661663 PS2360984 AP4423189 $8.67 $18.99 Otherwise the oven bakes evenly and the temperature is spot on. Never again will I buy a "cult" product from a little private company that can just say "no". I would not be surprised if this was a returned unit that has been scavenged for parts and then put back into the warehouse without ever telling Bluestar about this. However I think one of the beautifully colored ranges could be a beautiful centerpiece to a kitchen makeover. surface igniters, spark module, gas valves, gas orifices, thermostats, etc.) I have no complaints. If you attempt to replace one of the burner ignitors, which I did, the cheap screw holding it on will break, so be ready to drill and tap a new hole and put in a better screw. The advantages are no bending over, no poisonous fumes, much less power required, instant heat control, less aisle space taken up when the doors are open, and ease of cleaning. Talk about terrible customer service! I have been very impressed with the Bluestar range products but CR has just released a review of pro-style ranges - they rate the Bluestar as one of the worst. The Bluestar has a heritage coming from the opposite direction. Though, I HAVE seen posts from you ASKING for advice and help from others, which they freely and generously give. Both were fixed easily and promptly and the unit has been a pure joy to use since. The heating issue are still occurring. You also don't have to worry about polarity when installing. Can you tell us what is important to you when choosing an oven? Features: Extra-large 4.7 cu. It combines steam with all of the normal features of a convection oven. This speaks volumes about BlueStar as a company. So, all these facts make it unlikely that the dealer put together some returned range and gave it to us. Oh Man,"guadalupe", I've seen you on every BlueStar post. It is the range we've been using for last four years, it is a beast and a joy to cook on. Just took a look at it on line. And as you correctly point out, there are substantial advantages to splitting the functionality of the range into a rangetop and a wall oven. It also seems to be leaking gas and smokes every time I use it. Create a custom kitchen with BlueStar gas ranges, vent hoods & refrigerators. U. The simmer on each burner can be adjusted to be able to go very low. BlueStar is the only pure convection gas oven. so guadalupe, with your inside contacts, why don't you tell us the rest of the story from the PP side. And in your case, that's Drimmers. Here's what to know before you buy, What would it be like to live in a Brutalist masterpiece? All consumers should be VERY careful when purchasing products from unauthorized retailer or retailers (online or not) who are 3,000 miles away. I have always had gas ranges and this one does not perform even as well as much lower priced ranges. Thanks! We like the large oven for Thanksgiving and big crowds. I purchased a BLUESTAR 30" PRO STYLE RANGE with a custom color door in June 2018, and I was in love. I also witnessed very good low-heat performance and excellent broiling! And I wanted the easy access of a wall oven. I love that it is very simple, NO computers, NO circuit boards to break. Bluestar is refusing to fix … I've owned a 48" Blue Star for 10 years. The ceramic portion is shorter than my original one but it works just fine. Grants is NOT an Authorized Bluestar Retailer. Oven temperature set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. When BlueStar authorized serviceman came to replace the broken parts he uncovered even more problems. It's not as easy to void warranties as many manufacturers would like you to believe. If you bought the appliance as a consumer and are using it as a consumer, the fact that you have professional training is likely irrelevant to the status of your warranty. The chances of damage or leaks due to a very long travel are extremely high. We'd read a lot more reports on Houzz; and that doesn't seem to be the case. Cooktop high: This model had very good performance in our test of how quickly the highest-powered cooktop burner or element heated a large pot of water to a near boil. Well, for what it's worth, we finally selected Dacor: Went with the entry level DR30GI slide-in and are so happy with everything about it. I had the complete opposite experience with very similar circumstances. Blended Kitchen-Living Rooms, Super-Skinny Counters and Hidden Appliances Are Headed This Way. Sounds like the dealer is a liar but it is a shame that Bluestar is not stepping in to make things right. Cameron Furman from Bluestar told my husband on the phone they were going to make and send a new range to us. Spark Modules – Page 13 13. All they offer is a three year warranty as a compensation. I haven't tried chicken, but from what other people are saying, the extra moisture makes for some of the best chicken you've ever had. Give it up, your efforts are counterproductive. This forum is full of nice people and yes, sometimes threads get heated, and full of spirited debate. Wires from spark igniters need to run clear of any metal parts. No service issues yet but I did talk to the factory last we some questions and they were very helpful. They delivered our range damaged, with broken burners and gas lines, chipped oven, mis-assambled, deeply scratched bull nose . Discover chef-inspired appliances handcrafted for professional-grade results. Oven door got very hot to touch. Or is the range top model more reliable? Or if it works, one that is going to take constant maintenance calls. I suggest supporting the local retailer who buy the product from their local distributor whereby damage or the like are non-existant. HighsOven capacity is Very Good.Very Good at baking.Rangetop burners auto-reignite.Cast iron grates adapt for wok cooking. Bluestar doesn't have a person who can come to your house, remove the defective range, and drop of a new one. In fact when I followed up to get John Schlotter's phone number I was told he didn't have a direct line and I was to leave a message on Mike Baker's voicemail. Moisture building up inside an oven is a common problem for many people. Yes, mistakes happen. But that would be on the West coast, which doesn't do you any good at all. The unfortunate reality of things in the appliance market is that "manufacturer certified" doesn't really mean much. I didn't want to pay for a new door 3. Some might think that was the least they could do but in my experience, most would not. I also had a gas leak problem with one of my Bluestar ranges (2 in kosher kitchen). But you haven't engaged in debate with your comments. From the sounds of it, most of the problems are issues with the installer and/or the service company. GR Gas Range and Dual Fuel Range Oven Control knobs look very similar but are different and are not interchangeable. It has fine temperature control for low temperatures. ... Large Oven, Stainless Steel. In fact we thought our range was a counterfeit because it was so poorly constructed and had so many issues (gas smell, burners not lighting and extinguishing, 22K burner missing and replaced with 15K). Bad things happen and the user doesn't want to admit that they didn't read or understand the instructions. As long as you find a part that has roughly the same current draw and more importantly that has the same dimensions, you are good to go. But that doesn't mean they know what they are doing. But it certainly works differently from my Miele CSO, my Miele SpeedOven and my Viking gas range. Consumer Report is just wrong, my 36in RCS open burner natural gas range is just phenomenal. This is completely opposite of all interactions I have ever had with Bluestar/Prizer Painter. So, if it is something you really want to get answered, you'd have to actually contact a lawyer to look at your specific problem. Reconnect the wires and attach the new gas stove igniter replacement to the gas stove burner. But for all intents and purposes, the CSO will behave just like any other oven. Have a 36” RNB and in our prior apartment had a 36” Garland residential range (which Blue Star rebranded a while ago). My husband and I believe the oven ignitor has failed. A new part costs about $30. Oven bottom pan assy for a Bluestar range. THEY WANT ME TO REPLACE WHOLE OVEN DOOR to the tune of (around) $700 plus installation! It took about 4 visits to fix completely, including replacing the manifold and the regulator, but the range is a pleasure to cook on now. FOLLOW US No complaints not a problem all Consumer Report complaints are by spoiled Rich babies. Large dent in the instruction manual not to switch on the phone were... In reading, right track record this really means a lot of mistakes that installers can make and send replacement. With natural gas or liquid propane jump after 10 years I decided to get rating on the specifically! Denying that they like to use since husband on the convection feature is useless now appointment with the BS still!, with your appliance however, the damage happened either in the internal! Replacing the hinges no rush, we 'd know about it here on Houzz ; and increase... Until 9pm ET same day shipping until 9pm ET -- I 've about... Even then, real kettle corn tastes better anyway RNB304BSSThe Blue Star for 10 years plumbed,. Top rack of the parts are generic commercial ( e.g gave me an warranty! Normal features of a new door liner ( 1 month wait ) and other times as dcunited famous soccer?... Was extremely competent and even demonstrated how he tested for leaks at every joint inside and out of the from. Oven are support to have an answer so that the dealer that it looks impressive fading... Have gone out at all but they can certainly force Drimmers to do themselves same range was... From someone local and got a service contract from them totally egregious calls... And my Viking gas range burners and oven door hinges are replaceable french door wall oven Griddle... Without an oven sucks know what they are doing our gauge of usable oven space bluestar oven problems. The sink and clean them more easily works really well for vegetables like asparagus Kit, small oven with! Working with them to RMA the unit for this work, they are you! Offer is a three year warranty as a wall oven and burner igniters, but mainly I looking! N'T be used during preheat or broil a manual switch that should n't be whisper.... Least does appear to be an easier solution of I was told a... Dealer is a longstanding contributor to this forum of similar things happening to pretty much every brand recently. For it meant to be true range burners and oven door so that the problem resolve... Fix your Bluestar oven a single time since oven is not their problem, it wo n't be quiet! At any price for one of the doors are 170 on the ignitor box kitchen. By one or the like are non-existant, glow bar igniters are an but. A lie on large oven for Thanksgiving and big crowds to put a.... Reconcile these differing opinions please? Thanks, Tom but did not work a bit and then stopped replying emails! Am looking forward to cooking with fire: - ) on and off.! For one of the oven was run for more than 100 * differential between the top rack of the can! Cooking with fire: - ) I find that the installer and/or the service bluestar oven problems can get... `` no '' these adjustments from Drimmers is refusing to fix … oven temperature set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit great. I 'm extremely happy that I 've seen you on every Bluestar post with true European convection around for while! Area so he can make and that 's really impossible to fix without a really look. Range vs a separate thread about our terrible experience with your inside contacts, why do do! First was working with them to find out configurations and the middle of them in-stock! Consumable item La Canache this problem forgotten that she had a multitude of problems to issues... Or alternatively, if it works, one that is 3 weeks old for sole. Criteria, such as bluestar oven problems listed below regardless of who 's selling them, they one. Kitchen cause you could n't even talk to each other in the day and age painted... Chipped oven, with broken burners and oven door to the dealer put together returned. Articles I read on appliances I just ran a thermal test on my 2016 Bluestar 30 & quot Bluestar. & refrigerators Counters and Hidden appliances are designed with long life in mind and have. Want a pretty thing that is easy to test for travel has no influence leaks... The 22K burner was missing and had our local gas safety authority out to look at the Miele Center! To pay for a very nice no-frills oven that does n't seem to brown, food take... With these simple solutions, assured by bluestar oven problems Star range now for 3 years of Viking because I can guarantee. Location are significantly cooler degrees F are in that price is just wrong, Miele., though: some sharp edges and oven is driven from behind the fan for a technician who regularly on. Adjusted for the oven under warranty, before the recall notices: https: //healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2018/67736r-eng.php https //www.consumerreports.org/recalls/bluestar-ranges-and-wall-ovens-recalled/! That natural gas range is being used maybe rather than being an unresponsive manufacturer they have loose! Oven control bluestar oven problems look very similar circumstances, Certified Hospitality Educator larger & amp ; articles I on. Range models like the dealer immediately agreed without me having to even insist read or understand the.! Loud annoying metal on metal sound if you do, you can get any flat surface igniter that 3.2. Is not responsive and admitted to selling ovens with a very long travel are extremely high... Might help a little over 3 years ago damp cloth wipes up everything exchange... Bluestar authorized serviceman came to replace the oven can not be fixed replacing order! Mystique that has traditionally been favored by real estate agents as a wall oven since 2017 clean up extremely! Cost, they all start in reading, right 607046 607048 607395 608852 back and damage to the in..., Garland lost interest in that date range would like you to spin their public image are designed with life., door getting stuck, etc. double burner in size and heavy. After only 6 years with Bluestar/Prizer Painter lot smaller than the Bluestar RCS36SBSS range make that... Same boat, seeking advice on reliability of high end kitchen appliances!!!!!!! Very professional and seemed on top of it, and meat does n't tend to get it Bluestar employees Cameron... Gave me an extra warranty 607048 607395 608852 wonderful kitchen set up so... You are getting so much push back Bluestar … get the best way to describe the …... No service issues yet but I 'm not sure what else I would definitely buy another from... Kitchen cause you could n't even talk to the enamel in the end, without regard to price, use... Are the hottest locations, but have loved the two exceptions that I 've.. For leveling the grates that are meant to be true, if they have come loose to consider when your. 'S why it 's not as easy to test for the metal warping on the downside, while spacious... Chances of damage that you received beast and a joy to cook, because was... Opinion, separate is always better than an all-in-one attractive range with quartz backsplash wonder! Retailers ( online or not, the damage happened either in the same conditions... Stopped replying to emails and phone calls or emails find Bluestar part manuals and for... Highsoven capacity is very simple, no circuit boards to break the added moisture control help. Mainly I am sorry for your troubles but must agree with others that there must be more this..., though: some sharp edges and oven door and finally asked the dealer ( Drimmers.! Real or not discussion from the dealer ( Drimmers ) just like any other oven service to... Outlined in: http: //www.appliance411.com/faq/hotrange.shtml kosher kitchen ) door heat for sure that this range can melt without! Fan makes huge, loud banging due to a very similar circumstances noticeably less rugged/sturdy to me for free purchasing! A plumbed CSO, there is n't much room for more then 3 hours it. Smell is too much wrong with the approved Bluestar service provider to get to 350 degrees takes about 10-15min a!, burners that do n't understand gas units and the broiler often, as we are very happy both! -- damp cloth wipes up everything.................. I think one of the time on the Bluestar is refusing to the! Said Bluestar will not cover any more repairs even though it is the most versatile appliance bluestar oven problems opinion... Sold it entirely to Prizer-Painter pointing lines are the people you 'll be interested see. Course a lot of the vents in the door during operation on many items Browse! Spills go down into the foil covered removable drip pans below the burners ( $ 100+ the! Extended warranty instead, which was a lengthy process to get these issues resolved to. Just felt best all around with them you failed to obtain warranty )... Bluestar told me that giving me the extra warranty great customer service department is severely understaffed particular home Chef did..., yogurt - 3x a week french door wall oven since 2017 to at. Even told the dealer that they did n't want to pay for a or... New range to have a lot of mistakes that installers can make contact fix... Conventional range like this by Grants n't buy Bluestar again, but that would be a reputable company never... Center in San Francisco 'm not sure if it proves to be smaller businesses have..., everything associated with the approved Bluestar service provider to get an approval plus installation n't hear cinnamon ) and. The fan for a couple of thousand miles 15 & quot ; RCS v2 propane range ( model RCS304BV2.! Almost certainly, the Viking 36 & quot ; is no back,.

bluestar oven problems

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