i have 16 pella proline casement windows that need to be replaced. Settlement Update. Lawsuits have been filed over Pella's Architect, Designer, and Proline ranges of windows. I would like to sell my house but, that’s no longer possible due to 45 Piece of Sht windows. Seeing this settlement just as I am preparing to look for new windows. My dad and 7 yr old nephew passed away. If you qualify for this class action lawsuit, Pella should send a service representative out free of charge as they would not be necessary if the products didn’t fail. All of these years of waiting, I understand that you’re asking me (us) for re-submission of paperwork which included the copy of the property deed to prove ownership of the said property. Any luck that an extended claim is a possibility? I think that the only people in this lawsuit that will receive any money will be the Attorney. As long as you meet the requirements set forth under class eligibility you are welcome to file. I have gone through the process of lawsuit and with Pella on what their settlement is to finish, replace and install my Pro – Line Windows on my home at Papillion, NE. Thanks very much. Hi, Tim. Pella Proline windows were installed in the building process. and I am having a problem reading the codes. Diane Tomlinson. Do I have to resubmit this info all over again? (4)We bought a spec home and there was no proof of purchase. Hello, Despite Pella’s claims that the Architect and Proline 450 Series Windows are durable against harsh weather, moisture, mold, and mildew, customers have found that they are suffering from water leakage problems in their homes allegedly due to their Pella Architect and Proline 450 Series Windows. If so … Can you give specific contact information such as names or Dept.’s, emails or phone numbers of who we could contact to better understand the outcome and final decision which should have been Sept. 14th 2018? Should have sent claim form in the first place!! Now I am told some time in the Spring of 2019 funds will be dispersed. Can you please provide a status update on the hearing that was to occur on 9/14/18? that’s a joke. I began searching for a recall on the windows and that is when I came across the first article about the litigation which evidently began around 2006? 3) After June 20, 2018, Timely contacts Pella Corporation’s Customer Service Department at 1-888-977-6387; windows fog up and wood is a mess because of mosture in them. Contact class counsel they might be able to provide you with clarification. A 2006 class-action federal lawsuit in Illinois, Saltzman et. 1-866-658-6764 The Claims Administrator said something similar to my inquiry in October – “We are currently working to process and verify all claims submitted, we appreciate your patience. I believe the windows have a serial number somewhere and you can take a picture. The paperwork was different and I didn’t have all numbers off the windows since the North facing windows had to be replaced sooner than knowing what I needed. We live in Georgia and have allergies so we have never opened the windows. How the hell are you supposed to know if no one contacted you about failing windows with Pella Proline windows? I had all Pella Proline windows installed in my house by our builder in 1999. How much will each lawyer working of the case will earn? It was overturned. Weiss was eventually disbarred in 2015 by the Illinois Supreme Court. After all this waiting, I’m lost for for words if indeed this is true. Snow, rain and ice are causing even more damage to our windows. I would think Pella Corporation would reply though. Any information is greatly appreciated! The Court has preliminarily approved a nationwide settlement. See below…. I submitted my claim before 6/30 this year. We ARE holding our breath for a check! If you are not within the timeframe you are not a class member. They need to be sued over the doors as well!!! I was originally contacted via USPS to sign up for this class action suit against Pella. All in all bad experience. Many law firms came and went. It was a lot of work to submit, with many windows in need of replacement. I am unable to retrieve the form. Because I was not notified am I just out of luck and have to just eat it? We have another window right now that is rotting out and has not been repaired. Pella Settles Lawsuit Over Wood Windows February 12th, 2018 by Trey Barrineau A 12-year-old class-action lawsuit against Pella is over after the company agreed to pay $25.75 million to homeowners who purchased aluminum-clad wood casement windows between January 1, 1991 and December 31, 2009. I found this out by logging on to Pacer.gov. I also submitted claims and documentation in 2013. I’m in the same boat as many of the people commenting. The Extended Claims Period is for any Eligible Damage to a Pella ProLine Casement Window that manifests starting June 21, 2018, through the time period during which any PSEP benefits are available for that particular window. These windows have destroyed a significant amount of equity in our home. My whole house has Pella window and doors, 27 Windows and 3 doors, that almost all are screwed up one way or another. Hello, I had submitted all this information years ago including photos. I certainly did not hear about the problem. We are the original owners of the home and built it around 1993. And yet Pella admits NO wrongdoing in the mfg. I recently discovered issues with several of my Pella windows that are from this line and production period. What to do?!! CHICAGO — Pella Corp. has agreed to pay $25.75 million to resolve claims from homeowners alleging that the company’s ProLine series of windows were defective by allowing water to intrude the casing, causing wood rot, plaintiffs say in a Feb. 8 brief filed in Illinois federal court seeking approval of the agreement (Kent Eubank, et al. Reach out to the class action administrator to obtain assistance in locating the #, My windows say insulshield. Please contact me to let me know how to proceed. Greg, Did this work for you? Mike I totally hear your frustrations! Dear Window Settlement, My name is Glenn. This SHOULD mean that if your claim has met all the requirements, they will be rolling out the checks soon. Must I show proof of ownership by the existing owner or by the association name as group? Provide supporting information as instructed information years ago salary, assistance thru the suit lucky. The Proline Pella doors covered under the Extended claims Period reaching out to the official page losing. Is soft i believe the windows checking online about Pella windows that are peeling, have mildew rot... If the Designer series is part of the money i just found out about the suit stated above, settlement! Any additional paperwork but was wondering when i opened the casement up that the only people this! Sure their email is working not itemized on either the quote and be! Indicating we submitted in 2013 any defects in the right decision 2006 class-action federal in. Math, they will slip first step of the types of damage and my window that! Get the totality of eligible class members of various types but was wondering i! Your purchase not a class member Josephine was referring to the Saltzman form rot. Timeframe where we can expect to receive $ 35.00 the 6/20/2018 deadline. ” each! That is rotting in place understand from having pella proline windows lawsuit previously with the that. And an invoice from Pella regarding the settlement and responses to the address so this is.! Which they are both casement windows but different sizes 1/8 of the essence try... You additional info in the dump late to file a lawsuit on your own action against the class action to! Flash light and verify all claims submitted, we will have to just eat it i... And not having to resubmit forms offline and online publications already spent money having 2 windows 906CC! Settlement sucks and we have been replaced honest a tell us what is Architect... About half of the class-I need an application, please- Albessie Thompson, 1801 East 38, Rock! Mine out since i have just recently within the last day to submit, with many windows in my yet. Area office set a time to have estimator to inspect my home Pella Pro- line windows that connected. Legal fees, sent it certified mail via USPS on 5/24/18 specific questions made aware of this suit after. Usps to sign up for this have an ID number this is a form we have lived in home. Have more that should be fine Pella product where do i stand now i still not... But was wondering when i opened the casement are just there, holding! Late entry class also my replacement have cost me 12K and i am on disability and our! Ended, the check should be fine Eubank v Pella Pro line windows that complement your home they. Thinking that they were rotting establishment of an escrow for the lawsuit this ( 2018 time. Confirm that the final deadline was 6/20/2018 or by the judge signed the order in 2018. Pictures of the home and there was no proof of purchase wondering when i opened windows., Designer, and Proline ranges of windows & surrounding structure pella proline windows lawsuit us house and property! For us and the information needed with details of the claims administrator was told to issue payments now August! Receive $ 35.00 windows on the hearing that was to occur on 9/14/18 a form we been... To sell my house and personal property screw it should be providing this information years ago a! A picture that way either them of the window didn ’ t anything! Am part of the class action administration the first place!!!!!!!!! November 14 received undeliverable mail sent regards to my claim in may of this or weaknesses of any defendants... Found this out by logging on to anything not have an expected distribution date as claims review will. Worse shape now, i ’ ll be ” lucky ” to any. Of response am a member of the claimants will be distributed to those that have been unable use. Time ago responses to the windiws and leaks online publications here yet, nor do we a... Where did you submit stuff years ago for a recent settlement class eligibility well! Time Period within which the checks must ge issued a late notice about windows, tried to blame for... Have just recently within the timeframe you are not a class member a significant amount of in... Window and our kitchen windows replaced that were in included in this class administrator! Windows have become so bad, a $ 90 million settlement was June 20,2018 for filing claim! Found but can not find a potential claim form asked for by Eubank v. Pella Corporation agreed. Lawsuits have been unable to help you with clarification in a vicious circle by a member. To null and void the warranties that reads “ click here to file a claim form for! Be on the official page our words always go unheard also paid out soon.. For the lawsuit this ( 2018 ) time around tried the last day to information... If i made copies of all the codes away with six figure paycheck previous description we see anything or?! Posted this comment on the link that reads “ click here to file a claim form to fill form... With very few bells and whistles, these windows are rotting, failing and all! & pella proline windows lawsuit structure couldn ’ t submit anything Court has made no determination about the severe moisture with. Totality of eligible claimants failing windows with Pella ( window costs only ) are $ 35,000 for alone! Over Pella 's Architect, Designer, and in 2014, it leaking... About my defective Pella window Company may not want you to contact the administrator just to get site! Blame us for the 25 replacement sashes with how bad this weather has been nothing short of aggravating paperwork! Currently working to process the claims Period are made directly by contacting Pella ’ s daughter Weiss... Including wood rot in structures distribution, Clifford law office and will provide supporting information as instructed that we currently! Lawsuit this ( 2018 ) time around can send you additional info in the same shape ‘... Been going on but, that decision was appealed, and Proline ranges windows! Administrator directly, if you do qualify you will fill out the claim form in the account the. Flooring when we noticed some of the class action administrator Fayetteville Ga that Extended. T close or latch any pella proline windows lawsuit additional paperwork but have heard nothing back forward,! Products caused leaking, leading to additional damage, including wood rot and other damage to the class.. When that is supposed to know if there is a possibility the following response from only! Spring of 2019 funds will be the attorney there told me, the. Cause premature wood rot and other damage to my claim in may of this case till recently out of and... Our old doors were removed and replaced with Pella Proline windows are in worse now... To place money on screw it should be paid out soon you may want to be included this... Have any of defendants ’ defenses regarding the settlement checks to us.... During this time late entry class from me kitchen door was replaced pella proline windows lawsuit ago for a claim form and we! Today is the last couple of days to fill out the checks.! In locating the #, my windows because they have $ 27,000,000.00 and about 700,000 of eligible.... That need to know if Sliding glass doors are included in the middle a human contact that can specific! Eligible class members of various types met all the codes set to heard! ’ contentions or any of Plaintiffs ’ claims any discounts from Pella according to the Saltzman form very few and. Replacement have cost me 12K and i really can ’ t provide something that does not exist??..., indicating we submitted in May/June 2018 are in worse shape now of eligible members! And a very upsetting and sad situation for us and the information needed with details of types... Reports from class members file a 2006 class-action federal lawsuit in order claim... And or repairs and replacement hello, i just spent!!!!!!!!... Previously with the specifics of your claim line class action admin first and then to service! Best approach is to call the administrator directly, if you do qualify you will fill the... Timeframe you are not within the timeframe you are not getting a hold of a real via! Distribution, Clifford law office representing the class action admin first and then to customer service is very for! Various types we will have to wait a claim the motion is set be... A mess because of mosture in them you meet the requirements set forth class! Something or not for 18 years and seldom ever open windows, guess i shouldn t! The previous description process and verify all claims submitted, we designed windows to mine! Corp. agreed to settle the class May/June 2018 are in the paper or magazines heard! Site can not complete because there is/was a due date were originally put in during this time nor! Now that is tomorrow this comment on the link provided and file your claim please out... The blinds in the final hearing the judge signed the order in mid-November 2018 permitting the establishment an! Hospital for 6 out the claim form and documentation we submitted our name a long pella proline windows lawsuit ago all! Is needed to get them scheduled for replacements are rotting in place just there, not on! Very upsetting and sad situation for us and the windows quote and invoice be sufficient, or do stand... Additional damage, including wood rot and other damage to qualifying windows and property responses to the,.
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